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Public School Exit

The problem is that the public education system does not present itself in a manner that attracts parents, especially those who can afford private schooling. Attempts to overturn financial barriers like the abolition of school fees in public schools are also not paying dividends, and there is a lack of trust.

The abolishment of school fees in public schools has, on the one hand, made it easy for children from poor backgrounds to pursue an education. But on the other hand, it has also created pride issues. Sending their child to a private school, especially an ‘elite’ one, has become a symbol of a superior class for parents.

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Barriers to Educating Girls in Swat

Efforts to improve girls’ access to education have been significant, at least at the primary level. However, retaining them in schools in the long run, and attaining targets of universal primary education and removing gender disparities outlined in K-P Education Sector Plan (ESP) still remain a huge challenge.

As a result, achieving inclusive quality education for all children at primary and secondary levels committed as part of the sustainable development goals (SDG) becomes highly unlikely. These will not only require more funds to build additional schools, classrooms, provide basic amenities and also ensure quality of education in schools.

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Dilapidated School Buildings Need Urgent Repair

A healthy learning environment in schools is only possible when students and teachers are provided with adequate facilities, not only related to teaching and learning, but also safe and sound infrastructure.

There is growing evidence from across the globe that the condition of school infrastructure has a strong impact on learning outcomes of students. Considering that the learning outcomes in Pakistan are below par according to the World Bank report on ‘Student Learning in South Asia’, there is an even greater need of addressing the infrastructural challenges in our schools.

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